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The Vessel Within : Deep Sea

The Vessel Within : Deep Sea


Printed on archival, 100% cotton Hahnemühle Museum Etchings paper. 

Limited edition run of 50. Each signed and numbered by the artist. 

7x10" (paper dimensions only; print comes unframed and un-matted).

Original: watercolor and ink on Arches cold-press paper, 2018.


The Vessel Within is a series of 5 paintings that explores woman’s extraordinary ability to contain— but also the weight of that containment. The exterior vessel : static, painted, on display. The interior vessel : a ship, the desire to navigate the world freely, the limits of that navigation within a female body. Movement and navigation contained within and curtailed by our physical body, our physical vessel. Eggs : autonomy, small universes, the private worlds we all contain; worlds that we all do our best to protect. Vessel as beauty, as limitation, as stasis, as movement, as strength. The vessel without, the vessel within. The physical vessel, and the spiritual. The displayed vessel, the hidden.

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