Emma Fick Art

Night Eggs



Blue is the color of vastness: of ocean, of night sky; of a starry constellation or a moon-dappled sea surface. It is the color understanding can’t reach. And yet, balanced carefully within the immense and the enigmatic, there is the intimate and the knowable.

There is the egg, to me a symbol of protection, encompassing the fragile yolk. I believe we live within this yolk, enrobed in yellow, suspended in space, protected from the blue by a filmy margin and a shell-thin edge.

Eggs—specifically yolks—are a recurring motif in my paintings. Yellow orbs represent comfort and calm, a safe haven in which we are swaddled and protected. In the Night Egg series, designs and reveries are woven within this yolk, free from anxiety and from thoughts of darkness or vastness. The yolk is a sacred space for the personal within the universal: the micro within the macro.